They say that the most important personal achievements are motivated by either strong love for someone or something, or strong hate. If that’s true, then this should be a good article, because I absolutely hate the phrase “Selenium is brittle”. I wouldn’t blame you if you find yourself in agreement with it, but I’d say there’s a very strong possibility that you’re blindly swallowing what the evangelists of the “new world order” are serving you. Selenium is nothing more that a tool, capable of producing wonderful results when used right, or disappointing ones when handled improperly.

Exhibit A: clicking an element with Selenium

How do you properly…

One of the strong signals coming from the test automation community lately is the increasing popularity and adoption of open source tools and libraries. And you’d be wrong to think it’s only because they come for free. Read on, to find out about some of the less obvious benefits of open source.

Some years ago I stepped into the intriguing world of test automation as the technical lead in a project that involved end-to-end functional testing of a mobile application and a proprietary point of sale system. Although I had 15 years of software engineering practice, my experience with test…

Adrian Theodorescu

Passionate software engineer, proud parent of two, author of the OpenTest functional testing tool for web, mobile and APIs.

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