The OpenTest framework is published under the most liberal open source license (MIT), which means that anybody can use the code for any purpose, including commercial, so you will not have any costs related to the framework itself. Since part of OpenTest is built in Java, one thing that might become a concern is the updated licensing terms that Oracle introduced for the JRE, which I honestly don’t feel I understand fully, but there are alternatives you can use, like the OpenJDK and many others, if this was ever to become a problem. However, the whole world runs on Java, so I am sure that a solid (and free) JRE alternative will always exist. Let me know if you have other questions or if you need assistance getting started with OpenTest. The best way to ask questions is to add an issue in the GitHub repo: Good luck!

Passionate software engineer, proud parent of two, author of the OpenTest functional testing tool for web, mobile and APIs.